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Where in the world is cricket betting legal other than the UK?

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Dozens of nations throughout the world provide legal sports betting to their citizens. Dozens of countries have either noticed or begun to understand the potential economic benefits of the global sports betting business’s $150 billion per year. William Hill, an English business, has led the way in this development.

We try to give readers from all over the world the information they require on sports betting. This page provides avid sports bettors worldwide with information about their sports betting experiences.

Globally, the sports betting market is continuously growing and expanding, and our skilled staff constantly looks for regulatory revisions. Here are cricket betting legal countries.


Indeed, sports betting is permitted in Argentina, but numerous restrictions exist. Similar conditions exist in Argentina as in the United States before the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

In all areas of Argentina, horse racing is considered legal. In the 1880s, wagering on horse races began, although it was outlawed and reinstated several times before achieving legal status. If you travel to Buenos Aires, you will have more choices.

In Buenos Aires, it is legal to wager on esports, horse racing, and most other sporting events via the Internet. Political events are the primary item you cannot wager on in Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina.

However, non-pari-mutuel sports betting is currently restricted to Buenos Aires. You cannot wager on the same sports in the rest of the country. The tax revenue from sports betting and horse wagering is reinvested into Argentine sports.


Australia is one of the nations with the most developed sports betting markets. In 1810, horse racing was permitted in Australia, and the entire sports betting sector did not emerge until 1980. There are numerous sports betting parlors in Australia.

Additionally, online sports betting is permitted. The only limitation is a cap on the number of sportsbook advertisements that can be shown. Other than that, Australia has no significant prohibitions on sports betting.

Australia’s presence is not limited to its own country. As a result of the United States’ brand-new sports betting sector, Australian sportsbooks have begun to set up shop in the United States.

Australian corporations are assisting American casinos with their sports betting operations. This enables casinos to have sportsbooks with years of experience, although sports betting is relatively new in the United States.


Similar to the United States, sports betting in Brazil is relatively young. In December of 2018, Brazil officially legalized sports betting. The new law permits retail and internet sportsbooks to operate in the country, but there are certain legal obstacles to sports betting in Brazil.

Each state desires control over taxation and distribution. Due to the country’s immense size, Brazil’s sports betting industry will attract numerous international sportsbook operators.

As the country works towards developing its brand of sportsbooks, most Brazilian sports wagering will occur through offshore online sportsbooks for the time being.


Is cricket betting legal in Canada? Simply said, Canada does indeed offer sports betting. However, it is not quite that straightforward. There are no restrictions on sports betting at the federal level in Canada.

Canadian sports betting rules are administered by both the federal and provincial governments. For instance, Alberta sportsbooks can only operate through a predetermined list of gambling companies, but the province currently has no online sports betting websites.

British Columbia also legalized sports betting, although only six websites are permitted. Each site can impose restrictions on what game odds and wager sizes they offer. Online sportsbooks are permitted in Ontario, but single-game wagering is prohibited.

Similar to the United States, you cannot generalize about Canadian sports betting. Each province in Canada has unique circumstances and varies in how it offers sports betting to its residents.


China is essentially the birthplace of gaming. The Chinese have played games since ancient times and created various games. However, the Chinese government now frowns upon gambling and has prohibited most of its forms.

However, sports betting is thriving in Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong’s only legal bookmaker is the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Macau does permit sports betting, but inadequate facilities exist.

Typically, sports betting in China is conducted via a sports lottery. This is when sports bettors group their wagers on European soccer or American basketball. The Chinese government does not consider lotteries to be a kind of gambling; hence this is permitted.

Not everyone in China is content with this alone. The majority of Chinese sports gamblers transfer their funds to internet sportsbooks. Even though the Chinese government has blocked several websites, sports bettors are adept at circumventing the blockage and discovering alternatives.


If you live in Colombia or want to visit the South American nation, you should know that sports betting is regulated and allowed. Since 2001, retail sports betting has existed, but it was not until 2016 that internet sports betting was legalized.

However, the sports betting provider Coljuegos has placed 325 Colombian sportsbooks on a blocklist. Included on the blocklist are William Hill, Betfair, and Ladbrokes.

Since 2017, the laws have been loosened, allowing more international sportsbooks to join. Once Coljuegos stepped in to regulate sports betting in Colombia, sports betting became significantly safer.

Soccer is the most popular sport for wagering in Colombia, but that is not all they have to offer. You can wager on various international sports, including baseball, American football, and other big competitions.

Costa Rica

Sports betting is legal and licensed in Costa Rica. However, there are a few restrictions you should be aware of. There may be legal sports betting in Costa Rica; however, the government prohibits land-based sports betting.

Most sports betting in Costa Rica is conducted on a server online. Even though it is illegal to wager on sports in Costa Rica, internet sports betting is growing.

Due to the country’s progressive stance on sports betting, many prominent online sportsbooks have opened up shop in Costa Rica.

Online sportsbooks in Costa Rica mostly accept American football, soccer, and baseball wagers. Since renowned sportsbooks are located here, you can wager on many international athletic events. We strongly suggest you give Costa Rican sportsbooks a shot.


In case you were unaware, sports betting in Ghana is entirely legal. In reality, sports betting has been in Ghana for quite some time. Since 1960, inhabitants of Ghana have wagered on an assortment of sports.

Citizens and visitors of Ghana are permitted to wager on practically all athletic events. This can be accomplished in two distinct ways. In Ghana, you can either visit sports betting parlor or use an online sportsbook.

Sports betting has proven extremely beneficial for Ghana. The country is home to several different soccer clubs. Some clubs were financially distressed, but some sportsbooks now fund these clubs.

In Ghana, major athletic events also receive advertising and funding from sports betting. Even though low-income populations in Ghana have addiction issues, sports betting has been beneficial for the country overall.

South Africa

If you were wondering, sports betting is legal in South Africa. In 1994, sports betting was formally legalized in the United States. Since then, storefront and online sportsbooks have sprung up throughout South Africa.

In South Africa, horse wagering and sports wagering are intertwined. Consequently, the laws set for sports betting will also influence horse racing betting.

Approximately 300 sportsbooks are now accepting wagers in South Africa, so many options exist. Like Canada or the US, South Africa is divided into nine provinces.

Each province has its own sports betting and horse racing regulating board. Each regulatory body has the authority to add regulations to South African sports betting.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has long held the title of having the world’s most developed sports betting market, while the United States is currently giving it a run for its money.

Major betting organizations such as William Hill are so entrenched that they are publicly traded on the UK stock exchange, and numerous sports betting parlors are prepared to accept customer wagers around the nation. Moreover, inhabitants of the United Kingdom have access to a vast selection of online sportsbooks.

The UK sports betting business was so robust that after the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, prominent UK-based companies like William Hill could develop a foothold in the United States.

How many countries permit sports betting?

We have a list of approximately 20 nations that offer legal sports betting alternatives to their citizens and visitors. Many more nations accept sports betting; thus, this is a modest sample size. The acceptance of sports betting varies from country to country and is governed in various ways.

Before attempting to place sports wagers in a country, conducting thorough research on sports betting rules is advisable. With the emergence of regulated internet sportsbooks, more locations can offer sports betting to locals and visitors.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On Sports Bets In My Country?

Again, it is dependent. If you are in a country where sports betting is allowed, you will likely be required to pay taxes. However, this is not always true. In Canada, online sports betting is not taxed. That means you stand to win more money.

In Australia, however, fixed odds sports betting is subject to a tax rate of 19.11 percent. If you are in a country where sports betting is permitted, check the local regulations to determine how much tax you must pay on your sports wagers.

Most Bet On Sporting Events Around The World?

The Super Bowl is the world's most bet-upon athletic event. American football is already one of the most frequently wagered-upon sports in the United States and globally.

This makes the Super Bowl a very attractive occasion for wagering. After it comes to the World Cup. Outside of the United States, soccer is a popular sport, with teams from these countries participating in the event every four years.

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