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What are the 5 worst things about the Indian Premier League?


I adore the IPL. It has revolutionized cricket. It has brought a new set of talents to the game and offered spectators a distinct match-day experience.

The flood of international players (and coaches – a section of individuals whose contribution goes virtually undetected) has boosted standards. Fielding and athleticism, in particular, have increased dramatically. But I have some pet peeves – things that need to be abandoned faster than Yusuf Pathan.

The Cheerleaders

I get where the legions of marketers and brand people that run the IPL are coming from. Sex sells, and females dressed like Britney Spears around 1997 will get men to rear our heads. It occurs in American athletics — so why not here, right?

Nonetheless, I advise you to watch the NBA Playoffs now taking place. How many seconds of airtime do cheerleaders receive? Cheerleaders are present for fans to see, but they also initiate chants and get the crowd chanting. They give ‘entertainment’ during halftime.

After every four, six, or wicket, the camera cuts to five agonizing seconds of white females in hot pants or brown girls in 9-yard sarees hopelessly attempting to dance without perspiration dripping through their make-up at the Wankhede.

There is a cringe-worthy moment when the camera lingers over them for too long (such as with audience members), and they run out of ways to sulk. As if things couldn’t get much worse, they are now in the studio. I do not know if they or I am more ashamed.

Commentators Addressing Players

I wonder if the player chose to speak to commentators while fielding chose the shortest bat in the locker room before the innings. Let them concentrate on the game, as they are professional athletes and not Reuters journalists.

I cannot recall the last time I heard something significant from a player. When they mic up the younger Indian men whose first language is not English, the situation deteriorates.

  • “How was it playing alongside veterans such as ?”
  • Yes, it’s been amazing, and I’ve learned a great deal.
  • What is it like to perform in such an energetic environment?
  • “Excuse me; I cannot hear you?”
  • What is it like to perform in such an energetic environment?
  • “Of course, it’s incredible; it’s a dream come true.”
  • “You must be anticipating the next game…”
  • “Of course, we aim to win every game and focus on the positives.”

There are stereotypical sports interviews, and then there are stereotypical sports interviews.

The Kingfisher Melody

It has never been memorable. The faces in the advertisements have aged, but the eerie melody appears to have withstood the test of time, draining energy from the exhausted ambassadors who have attempted to sing it. Please just quit.

“Teams are divided, but the king of covert alcohol marketing unites them.”

Politics impedes sport

It is a travesty that Pakistani players are missing from the IPL, and Sri Lankan players are not permitted to play in Chennai. Waqar Younis was my favorite player growing up.

Pakistan has produced so many excellent, dynamic, and match-winning cricketers; players of their 2009 World T20-winning group would have enriched the IPL without question.

We have a competition without Saeed Ajmal (the world’s greatest spinner), Shahid Afridi (perhaps the world’s best leg spinner), and Pakistan’s powerful core of quick bowlers.

It is incredibly aggravating that, due to the opinions of a few, the great majority of cricket fans are handed a subpar event.

What’s next, no Australians in Delhi? No Islamic athletes in Bangalore? Don’t laugh; it may happen. Sport has a remarkable ability to bring people together. The roar of the Eden Gardens crowds erupting after Shoaib Akhtar dismissed Virender Sehwag still gives me the chills.

Useless Stats

No one has ever commented, “Wow, I can’t believe that’s the 7786th six of the tournament!”

Statistics determine the nature of cricket. Using figures to support hunches and facts to demonstrate genuine quality is gratifying. When presented effectively, it may offer viewers a deeper knowledge of why events occur.

Because the IPL and T20 cricket is relatively young, I realize that broadcasters have not yet perfected what they display to fans.

Why mention the number of times a battery has reached 30? Do they salute the crowd at reaching the age of 30? Surely they should then state how many 60s they’ve scored?

The overall amount of sixes hit throughout a tournament is the least significant piece of information provided. Also, why are players’ strikeout rates but not their averages displayed? Does it not matter how long they’ve been in if they score quickly?

The Worst XI from IPL 2022

It is undoubtedly one of the finest IPL seasons in history, as all ten clubs are capable of winning the prestigious Indian Premier League.

However, even among these teams, a few players did not perform well. Here is a list of the eleven worst performers in the group stage of the IPL 2022. Determine who made the unlucky list:

Rohit Sharma

This season, the captain of the Indian cricket team and the Mumbai Indians have posted his poorest IPL season ever. People had overlooked Kohli’s performances when he was the center of attention.

In 14 games, he has scored an average of 268 runs per game or 19.14 runs per game on average.

Ishan Kishan

The bare minimum is regular performance when a player is purchased for Rs 15.25 crores. However, the 23-year-old had a terrible season, scoring 418 runs with a strike rate of 120.11, which came after the season ended for Mumbai Indians.

For a player of his ability who has participated in the IPL seven times, he should have performed much better.

Kane Williamson

The national team and Sunrisers Hyderabad skipper for New Zealand have had a forgettable season. He has negatively influenced a club that might have easily qualified for the playoffs.

Even after being dropped down the order, the opener scored just 216 runs with a strike rate of 93.5 in the top Twenty20 league in the world. He was unable to lead from the front.

Mayank Agarwal

Another captain has perished. Mayank Agarwal, captain of the Punjab Kings, fell victim to the difficulties associated with leading on a great platform.

A guy who averaged 16.25 runs per game in 12 games while batting lower in the order scored 195 runs despite having scored 400 or more runs in the previous two seasons.

Venkatesh Iyer

From being retained by Kolkata Knight Riders to starting for the Indian cricket team, the guy from Madhya Pradesh has had a pretty busy year. However, he has been probably one of the poorest performers for KKR this season.

As an opening batsman, he scored 182 runs with an average of 16.55 and a strike rate of 107.69 (at least it was better than Kane Williamson’s), while he had an economy rate of 11.50 as a bowler.

And if KKR makes you quit watching cricket altogether, you may start watching Kabaddi and betting on Kabaddi at Kabaddi betting sites (something that KKR is not able to).

Shahrukh Khan

The reputation of SRK and the accomplishments of KRK. For Punjab Kings, the middle-order batsman Shahrukh has scored 117 runs in eight innings, averaging 16.71 runs at a strike rate of 108.33, with the best score of 26 runs.

This team’s middle order, if played, would struggle to score 120 runs a game under his leadership.

Kieron Pollard

It is time for the West Indian superstar to resign from the Indian Premier League. A legend of the sport and, perhaps, one of the greatest Twenty20 players to ever grace the competition and cricket field.

As a batter with the Mumbai Indians, he had another forgettable season with an average of 14.40 runs and a strike rate of 107.46. In six games in which he bowled and took four wickets, he was a competent bowler with an economy rate of slightly under 9 runs per over.

Ravindra Jadeja

Every day, another skipper falls short of expectations. Obtaining the leadership from MS Dhoni is extremely stressful, and heading the defending champs compounds the stress.

However, a guy like Ravi Jadeja should have no justifications for his performances this season. In 10 games as a finisher batsman, the former leader of the Chennai Super Kings scored only 19.33 runs per game, while he took only 5 wickets as a spinner with an economy rate of 7.52.

He was expected to lead his club to victory in the IPL and had odds of slightly under 6 to do so. This time, everyone recognized the strain he was under due to the team’s performance, but he should have led by example and set the pace.

Pat Cummins 

Six months ago, Pat Cummins, captain of the Australian red-ball squad and winner of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup, was terrible for KKR.

In the five games he played before being benched, his runs-against average was 10.69. With the expectation of being the team’s top bowler, he should have performed considerably better; yet, he once contributed 56* runs to a winning cause with the bat. Overall, he let the team down as a bowler and should have been much better.

Varun Chakravarthy

Another player from KKR, Varun Chakravarthy, and the mystery spinner who performed so well in the previous season was dreadful this season and were finally discarded before being re-selected.

In 11 games, he could only take 6 wickets at an average of 8.51 runs per game. If he and Narine were firing on all cylinders, KKR would have a shot at making the playoffs this season.

Chris Jordan 

The England international, recognized as a specialist in death-overs, fell short of his expectations. In the four games he played before being cut, his economy rate was 10.52.

In a match against Gujarat Titans in which he needed 48 runs in the final three overs, Rashid Khan dismissed him for 25 runs in his first four deliveries, and he ultimately lost the game.

About the Indian Premier League FAQ’s

Is IPL getting less popular?

The reduction in viewership has been linked to the afternoon scheduling of matches and the post-World Cup slowdown among cricket fans. This year's first 15 IPL matches had a TVR of 4.36, roughly 18 percent lower than the previous season.

Is IPL becoming boring?

Until 2021, the IPL will feature eight different teams. But expanding to 10 teams is monotonous since supporters cannot wait to see their favorite team after long days of waiting between each match. Especially CSK, RCB, SRH, MI, and DC have almost five or more days between each encounter.

Why is the IPL 2022 rating low?

In the preceding 12-18 months, there have been two IPL seasons and the ICC T20 World Cup, which may have contributed to a cricket overload and a decline in viewership. Srivastava added that the company decided to allocate a smaller investment to the IPL this year due to the packed cricket schedule.

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