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Top 10 Fantasy Sports App In 2022

Fantasy Sports App In 2022

Hello folks, I hope everyone is doing well. If you are a sports enthusiast and a fantasy player, this article will be useful to you. Today, I will discuss the Top Fantasy Cricket Applications.

These applications have low levels of competition; thus, there is a substantial possibility of success. These applications also provide a Rs 100 cash incentive for first-time downloads, which can be used to play or enter the contest. Scrolling down will reveal an additional list of 100 percent useable fantasy apps.

I’ve been using these applications for the past two months, and I’m impressed with their performance. You may make unlimited withdrawals each month without incurring any additional fees.

Also, despite being new fantasy cricket applications, these will all provide a lag-free experience. If you have played dream11 but have not won due to the intense competition, you should try your luck again using these applications.

Cricket is the most followed, watched, and played sport in India, and it has one of the largest fan bases of any sport in the world. With so many cricket fans in India, there are many fantasy cricket apps; nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps in India that offer incredible benefits and experiences.

Over the past several months, Fantasy Cricket has achieved new heights in India. Many new players have entered the market, providing Cricket fans like you, the user, with a multitude of alternatives to pick from.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best Fantasy cricket game alternatives available in India.

10 Best Fantasy Sports Applications

I’ve been playing Fantasy Cricket for a long time, as you all know. Over the last three years, I have seen that winning the popular app grand league is quite difficult.

Therefore, if your side scores more runs or points, there is a significant likelihood of victory in applications with low levels of competition. There are other applications available, but I’ll list five that I’ve been using for the past year and a couple more from the previous two to three months.

There is a variety of Fantasy Apps. You can play according to your preferences. According to my knowledge, Dream11 is the finest fantasy software ever. However, it has some restrictions.

For example, we cannot transfer our winnings from the Dream11 app to our Paytm wallet. Aside from this, it is an extremely competitive fantasy application.

01. Dream11

Dream 11 is India’s most modern play fantasy sports application, with the most users. This application allows users to participate in various fantasy sports, including cricket, soccer, football, basketball, and kabaddi.

The best sports fantasy app in India, Dream11, was co-founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth and had more than 110 million daily users and various brand ambassadors, such as M. S. Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, and Jasprit Bumrah. Every day, the firm pays out more than 250 million in winners.


  • A stylish interface
  • A big reward pool
  • A diverse array of contests
  • Daily deals & discounts
  • Private competitions for close companions

02. My11Circle 

If you have a passion for cricket, you must utilize My11Circle. Its brand advocates include Sourav Ganguly, president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, and top players Shane Watson and Rashid Khan.

As one of India’s most reputable fantasy sports app providers, the platform has over 13 million users. Additionally, the app has been awarded over 1 billion in prizes. My11Circle, unlike the majority of other fantasy sports app platforms, does not state a maximum withdrawal restriction.


  • Reduced withdrawal limit (100)
  • You may play football as well.
  • Referral incentive scheme
  • Big prize pool (₹30 lakh)
  • You may construct your playing XI by merging players from two teams.

03. MyTeam11

Virender Sehwag is the MyTeam 11 brand ambassador. The app development firm for fantasy sports that offers nine different language options on its platforms enables you to play cricket, soccer, football, rugby, hockey, and basketball, among other activities.

The MyTeam11 app has been downloaded over 15 million times and provides over 5 million daily prizes across 100+ contests. In addition, MyTeam11 gives a 100 sign-up bonus.


  • Reduced withdrawal limit (100)
  • Immediate withdrawals
  • Multiple competitions daily
  • Large daily jackpot

04. Fan2Play

Fan2Play is a freshly launched fantasy sports application in India. The fast-expanding platform, founded by the fantasy app cricket development business Fan2Play Games Pvt. Ltd. in 2020, lacks a defined template.

The flexible and adaptable platform enables users to establish 2-player, 3-player, and 4-player teams while competing in head-to-head competitions.

The app also offers the traditional 11-player competitions. Additionally, individuals are permitted to establish contests that are not accessible to other users and play with their friends and family.


  • The application does not stipulate a credit limit for its 2/3/4 player challenges.
  • The games are 1-on-1 contests in which the difficulty level is up to the player. Therefore, the likelihood of winning is greater than on other platforms.
  • Before the commencement of a match, an unlimited number of team changes are allowed.
  • A public setting allows everyone on the site to accept the challenge, whereas a private setting enables you to play with family or friends.

05. MPL Fantasy Cricket

MPL fantasy cricket is among the most popular games, with Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador. The Mobile Premier League gaming platform provides over 40 games, including fantasy football, fantasy cricket, and other fantasy sports, in addition to card games and puzzle games.

Although the organization that develops fantasy sports websites offers a variety of activities, cricket is the most popular on its platform.


  • Practice games for instruction
  • Multiple forms of cricket
  • Fantasy league competitions
  • The scoreboard is updated in real-time.
  • Participate in games with friends or random foes
  • Quickest cash withdrawals

06. Ballebaazi

BalleBaazi is an application developed in India by a business specializing in creating fantasy sports applications. It has gained popularity in recent years.

Unique to BalleBaazi is choosing between bowling and batting fantasy games. In addition to cricket, you may win enormous prizes by playing football, baseball, basketball, kabaddi, and arcade games such as poker and rummy.


  • Low maximum withdrawal amount (10 through Paytm).
  • Rapid monetary transfers
  • Provides several fantasy and arcade games
  • An enticing referral scheme
  • Offers big incentives

07.  Wickets

11Wickets, one of the most rapidly expanding fantasy sports applications and websites, was created with Indian cricket and soccer lovers in mind.

Ability Games Pvt. Ltd.’s project 11Wickets was founded and led by Navneet Makharia, who also serves as its chief executive officer. The application became live in 2018.


  • Free opportunities to win large with free leagues.
  • 12th man or fantasy team’s reserve player
  • Last-minute selection
  • lowest rates of commission
  • Real-time score and position update
  • Extremely rapid withdrawals
  • Referral benefits
  • Cash incentive offers

08. Fan fight 

FanFight, one of the most prominent fantasy sports platforms, brags about having more than 6 million players and offers tremendous prizes. FanFight is one of India’s most popular fantasy cricket applications due to its 20 times more rewards and 100 percent useful additional cash.

Additionally, the program allows you to play various fantasy sports, like basketball, baseball, and football. Moreover, FanFight provides players a daily opportunity to win 10 million. You may now withdraw as low as 250 from your platform account.


  • Huge prizes
  • Multiple options for fantasy games
  • Low minimum cash withdrawal
  • Multiple competitions
  • Rapid payment of winnings

09. Halaplay

Halaplay, one of the leading fantasy sports websites, provides daily rewards worth 10 million. You are only required to download the program and select your preferred game to play. You can participate in existing league games or create your own.

Halaplay supports both cricket and football. In addition, the platform enables you to withdraw your earnings at any moment using a reputable payment processor.


  • Tests, ODIS, and T20Is, along with the English Premier League, La Liga, World Cup, Euro Cup, Copa America, Champions Trophy, and Kabaddi.
  • Utilizes data analytics and machine learning to assist users in forming teams, analyzing playing behavior, and honing their talents.

10. Khelchamps Fantasy Cricket

It is a platform that enables you to use your cricketing prowess to assemble the ideal team and compete with thousands of other users who have also established teams.

The player whose team achieves the most points receives monetary awards and gifts. The only two fantasy sports offered by Khelchamps are cricket and football. In addition, new customers who make their initial deposit into their account earn a 200 percent incentive.


  • Simple and speedy one-step registration
  • Instantaneous deposits and cashouts
  • Daily tournaments of immense proportions

This list of fantasy sports applications in India is not complete. There are plenty of others. However, these applications are now the most popular.

Fantasy Sports App FAQs

What is the best app for fantasy cricket?

There are tons of platforms and applications where fantasy cricket can be played; nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps, ranging from Dream11 to FanFight, which provide some of the greatest prizes and experiences in the business.

Which fantasy app has the best chance to win?

Dream11. Dream11 is one of the most popular Fantasy Cricket apps, featuring MS Dhoni, Jasprit Bumrah, and Hardik Pandya as brand sponsors. Dream11 has more than 11 crore users and pays out more than 25 crores in daily wins.

Is My11Circle safe and secure?

Yes, it is completely secure! My11Circle is a "skill" game. The applicable legislation in India is very clear that, unlike "chance" games, games that primarily involve a player's ability are completely legal.

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