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Top 10 Betting Exchange Sites in India

Betting Exchange Sites

The idea of Betting Exchange renders bookies obsolete. It allows bettors to construct their odds and markets, increasing the likelihood of winning.

The focus of a betting exchange is on the users. It is a market where people determine their wagers and serve as their bookies. It implies that gamblers are allowed to raise the stakes and offer odds to other players with space for negotiation. Simply put, punters may establish odds and wager against one another.

Additionally, punters can wager on the result of discrete or particular events on the Betting Exchange. Occasionally, wagers are exchanged in real-time during an event to lock in winnings or limit losses. However, there are relatively few bookmakers that allow bet exchanges.

Betting exchanges are a terrific choice for people seeking better odds on their wagers. The premise of betting exchanges differs from traditional bookmakers, where only one result may be backed.

However, it is feasible to wager against the outcome in a standard sportsbook. However, this is where the betting exchange comes in with the opportunity to back or lay a certain outcome.

The notion of betting exchanges is expanding globally, but it has yet to catch on in India, where only a handful of options exist.

How Does Betting Exchange Work?

Exchange betting is wagering against other players as opposed to the bookmaker. It indicates that your betting chances are likely higher than those offered by a typical bookmaker.

At a betting exchange, wagers are put on either a positive or negative outcome against the wagers of other punters, similar to how they are placed at a stock market.

Advantages of a Betting Exchange

Back betting

Back betting refers to betting on a particular outcome. For instance, if a person wagers that India will win a cricket match against England, they will only collect if India prevails. They have nothing to lose if England defeats India

In-play wagering

As the name indicates, in-play betting refers to wagers made in real-time or during play. These wagers can be placed during a match or event. In-play wagering occurs on globally televised, popular sports such as cricket, football, basketball, and tennis.

Lay wagering

Lay wagering is opposed to Back wagering. Lay betting refers to when a bettor wagers on the outcome not occurring or the opposite outcome.

For instance, if a bettor wagers that India will not defeat England, they will only collect if England wins or if the game finishes in a tie. Simply put, lay betting is wagering for something or someone to lose.

Reasonable chances

The odds provided by a Betting Exchange are superior to those provided by bookies. It frequently occurs with wagers on longshots, for which the chances are higher.

For instance: In a UCL Final between Bayern Munich and Arsenal, Arsenal’s odds will be greater while Bayern’s will be lower. In contrast, bookmakers provide odds that lower the likelihood of losing money.

Therefore, putting wagers at betting exchanges is preferable since they give the best discounts. Nonetheless, a small charge is deducted from winning wagers.

No disadvantage to winning

It is quite typical for bookmakers to block successful sports bettors. In numerous instances, gamblers have been prohibited from routinely wagering on several conceivable outcomes.

However, there are no such limits in a betting market, and bettors can wager on any outcomes of a particular event without danger of being blocked.

Guaranteed earnings

In a betting market, gains can be booked before an event. At odds of 2.5, one may wager that Manchester United will defeat Liverpool.

However, if the top three players are ruled out of the game before the start of the match, the odds may increase dramatically, and you may lay off your wager at 5. Thus, you may convert your losses into a victory.

Best Betting Exchanges Sites In India

01. Parimatch Exchange

Parimatch Exchange is one of India’s leading betting exchanges. You may exchange wagers on nine sports, such as cricket, football, tennis, and boxing.

The Parimatch Exchange enables you to trade wagers with players from across the globe.

There are many betting possibilities accessible on the exchange, so you will always be able to place an intriguing wager. The betting exchange platform is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Depositing funds on Parimatch is simple and maybe done using UPI, Paytm, Skrill, Cryptocurrency, and many more methods.

02. Fun88 Exchange

Fun88 provides a respectable betting exchange with an intuitive interface. The greatest disadvantage of the Fun88 exchange is the limited amount of wagerable events.

Certainly, there are betting choices within the three major sports: cricket, football, and tennis, but that’s about it, except for infrequent horse racing contests.

If these are the only sports you’re interested in, Fun88 may be just what you’re searching for. However, if you like a wider variety of wagering possibilities, you should consider a different betting exchange.

03. BetWinner Exchange

BetWinner is a relatively young brand in the betting arena, established in 2018. Nonetheless, it has acquired a great deal of traction in the online betting industry due to its outstanding sportsbook and exchange. Users are unlikely to be unhappy with any option, regardless of whether they choose.

The betting market offers wagering opportunities on around ten sports. It may not be on par with the sportsbook’s coverage, but given the improved odds, it is a godsend for punters who wager on sports like football and cricket.

04. 1xBet Exchange

The 1xBet platform is one of India’s leading betting exchange websites. It operates essentially identically to Betwinner, although customers are sure to like the greater variety of betting options.

The banking alternatives provided by 1xBet are somewhat superior, and customers may even fund their accounts via UPI payments, which are free up to a specific level.

05. Smarkets

Smarkets is not interested in being a jack-of-all-trades. Instead, it is content with being “Master of One.” The website has an intuitive structure, and it charges a regular 2 percent fee on winnings, which is consistent with industry norms.

Even though Smarkets does not provide an online casino, it is one of the best betting exchange websites in India. The good customer service, substantial welcome bonus, and diverse cricket markets, and this UK-based betting exchange offers a compelling argument.

06. Matchbook

Matchbook is an excellent Betfair alternative in India, especially for recreational gamblers. Its market coverage is comparable to that of Smarkets. The crowning achievement is their betting exchange app, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

Overall, we were quite satisfied and had no hesitation recommending Matchbook as one of India’s most trustworthy and user-friendly betting exchange websites.

The commission is 4 percent, which is greater than what most exchanges in India charge. Additionally, the service accepts a limited number of India-specific deposit methods. However, Matchbook’s other features more than compensate for these drawbacks.

07. Crickex

Although Crickex is a relative newcomer to the world of online betting, we feel they have the potential to become one of the industry’s leaders. Yes, there are restrictions, such as their near-myopic focus on cricket.

On the plus side, this cricket betting market is specially developed for Indian and Bangladeshi bettors. Given that there are not many betting exchanges available to bettors on the subcontinent, this is a notable feat in and of itself.

08. 10Cric

10Cric is a betting platform that has been built exclusively for Indian players, catering to the betting style that Indian punters are accustomed to. Therefore, not only is the sportsbook customized for Indian players, but the online casino also offers the casino games that we typically enjoy!

Not only does 10Cric offer an excellent exchange betting app experience on its website, but it also boasts a slick app interface. The 10Cric app is ideal for any player who prefers to gamble utilizing mobile apps over websites.

09. ComeOn

Whether you enjoy betting on ODIs or the Indian Premier League, ComeOn is the ideal partner for your sports betting requirements. With more than 30 different sports available for wagering, ComeOn should be one of your top choices for sports betting.

There is also a section dedicated to cricket, which is apparent in popularity among Indian fans. ComeOn gives its customers attractive odds and exclusive promotions during cricket seasons!

10. 4raBet

Although 4raBet is headquartered outside of India for legal reasons, it is a simple Indian betting service maintained by Indian betting lovers.

For this reason, 4raBet also delivers a world-class betting experience for Indians since the site’s creators are well familiar with the features Indian gamers need!

Betting Exchange Sites FAQs

Which are the top betting exchange sites available to Indians?

Our list contains a multitude of extraordinary betting exchanges, all of which allow Indian gamers and provide extraordinary betting terms. It is up to you to determine which one best suits your personality and betting style and where the greatest odds are offered.

Can I play for actual money in online betting exchanges?

Yes, all Indian-friendly sports betting exchanges on our list provide real-money wagering. In addition, the majority of the exchanges on our list let Indian players make deposits and withdrawals using Indian rupees.

Why should I use a betting exchange?

In general, betting exchanges provide better odds than conventional sports betting markets. It will result in bigger earnings and eventually more enjoyment while betting on an exchange!

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