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Pakistan VS India Head-to-Head

Pakistan VS India Head-to-Head

When it comes to cricket rivalries, few matchups can match the intensity and history of Pakistan vs. India. The clash between these two cricketing giants has captured the hearts of millions, making it much more than just a game. 

In this article, we dive into the gripping, head-to-head battle between Pakistan and India in the context of the Asia Cup, highlighting key moments, stats, and the excitement surrounding every encounter.

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Pakistan vs. India in the Asia Cup

The Asia Cup serves as a battleground where these two powerhouses lock horns. The anticipation is real as we gear up for the 14th face-off between Pakistan and India in the ODI Asia Cup on September 2. 

Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting this match, and you can catch every moment with live scores during the thrilling contest.

Matches Played13
Matches Won (India)7
Matches Won (Pakistan)5
No Result1
Win % (India)53.85%
Win % (Pakistan)35.71%

India’s Lead in the ODI Asia Cup

As the two teams gear up to face each other once again, it’s India that holds the upper hand in the ODI Asia Cup clashes. With a lead of 7-5 on aggregate, India has shown its prowess on this stage. This isn’t just a game; it’s a chance for both teams to assert their dominance in the tournament.

FormatMatchesIndia wonPakistan wonDraw/Tie/NR

Flashback to 2019: India’s Victory

The last time Pakistan and India faced off in the 50-over format was back in June 2019. The match saw India secure a comfortable victory, triumphing over Pakistan by 89 runs. 

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The memory of this victory is still fresh, and it adds to the excitement of their upcoming clash. The players on both sides are surely gearing up for redemption and victory in the upcoming encounter.

Head-to-Head in Asia Cup

Over the course of ODI Asia Cup history, these two arch-rivals have battled each other 13 times. With India leading the head-to-head record 7-5, every match becomes a chapter in this gripping rivalry. Not to forget, one game was washed out, leaving both teams hungry for a decisive victory.

The title Runs in the Asia Cup

The Asia Cup has witnessed both India and Pakistan showcasing their cricketing might. However, it’s India that has clinched the title more often. With 6 titles to their name compared to Pakistan’s 2, India’s dominance in the tournament is evident. 

From winning the inaugural edition in 1984 to emerging as champions in 2018, India’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

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Win/Loss Record

When it comes to win-loss records, India maintains the upper hand both in matches against Pakistan and overall in the tournament. With a win percentage of 53.85% against Pakistan and an overall record of 65.62%, India’s track record in the ODI Asia Cup is impressive. On the other side, Pakistan, with a win percentage of 35.71% against India, looks to tip the scales in their favour.

TournamentMatchesIndia wonPakistan wonDraw/Tie/NR
50-over World Cup7700
T20 World Cup7511

Moments Etched in History

The battles between India and Pakistan in the ODI Asia Cup have produced unforgettable moments. From thrilling victories to heart-pounding chases, each match has had its own unique story. 

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Who can forget India’s 2018 encounter against Pakistan in Dubai, where they secured victory with 8 wickets to spare? Or the nail-biting 2014 clash where Pakistan emerged victorious by just 1 wicket? These are the moments that cricket fans live for.

As the 14th ODI Asia Cup encounter between Pakistan and India approaches, the excitement is palpable. The legacy of this rivalry continues to grow, and each match becomes an opportunity for players to etch their names in cricketing history. 

So, gear up, mark your calendars, and be prepared to witness the clash of titans as Pakistan and India lock horns once again. The roar of the crowd, the tension in the air, and the passion on the field – it’s all part of the captivating saga that is Pakistan vs. India in the Asia Cup.


In the realm of cricket rivalries, the battle between Pakistan and India stands tall as a testament to the sport’s power to unite, ignite passion, and create unforgettable memories. 

With the 14th ODI Asia Cup showdown approaching, the anticipation and excitement are reaching new heights. This clash isn’t just about runs and wickets; it’s about history, emotions, and a shared love for the game.

As we eagerly await the encounter, it’s a reminder that cricket is more than just a sport in this part of the world. It’s a source of unity, a platform for athletes to showcase their skills, and a stage where legends are born. 

Whether you’re in the stadium, cheering from your living room, or catching live scores on your device, the magic of Pakistan vs. India in the Asia Cup is bound to capture your heart.

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Get ready, cricket enthusiasts, for the clash that transcends boundaries and unites us all. It’s time to celebrate the passion, the rivalry, and the joy of cricket as Pakistan and India renew their historic battle on the grand stage of the Asia Cup.


When is the 14th ODI Asia Cup match between Pakistan and India scheduled?

The 14th ODI Asia Cup match between Pakistan and India is set to take place on September 2. Cricket fans can mark their calendars and gear up for this intense showdown.

What is the head-to-head record between Pakistan and India in the ODI Asia Cup?

In the ODI Asia Cup history, these two rivals have faced each other 13 times. India holds the lead with a 7-5 record, with one match ending in a no result. The competition is fierce, adding to the excitement of every encounter.

What was the outcome of the last Pakistan vs India match in the ODI Asia Cup?

The last ODI Asia Cup match between Pakistan and India took place in June 2019. India secured a convincing victory, defeating Pakistan by a margin of 89 runs. The memories of this match add to the anticipation of their upcoming clash.

How many titles has each team won in the Asia Cup?

India has been a dominant force in the Asia Cup, clinching the title 6 times. On the other hand, Pakistan has secured the title twice. The tournament has witnessed their cricketing excellence and rivalry on multiple occasions.

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