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How Dream 11 Point System Works and How To Play It Step By Step Explanation

Dream 11

About Dream 11

Dream11 has become the premier fantasy platform for consumers and the site that revolutionized the fantasy sports industry in India. This is why a growing number of people around the nation are interested in taking knowledge tests on this site. With various leagues, players have regular opportunities to win cash prizes.

To participate against the Dream11 platform in cricket contests, an individual must pick 11 players for their Dream11 match. On this field, cricket is played in this manner.

There is, however, a regulation that states you cannot choose numerous players from the same team while constructing your Dream11 squad. Before fighting against the Dream11 platform, the user needs to pick their full ideal match squad.

Dream11 offers contests for every type of player, considering their requirements and restrictions. They host contests with rewards ranging from hefty to moderately priced.

However, the point system is the same for everyone, and there are several fallacies surrounding the Dream11 point system. This post will explain how Dream11 points are determined in great detail.

Calculating Dream11 points Cricket

Points are determined using a variety of factors, including historical performance, a player’s current form, the recent fixture list, and the team’s current league standing. Let’s examine the following breakdown of the dream11 fantasy point system:

Run Points

This dream11 points system cricket allows you to compute batting points based on the game’s final score and the average batting points each inning. For this point system, there are many point regulations.

  • one point for every run
  • 1 point per bonus perimeter
  • 2 points per six runs got four points for thirty runs, eight points for a half-century, and sixteen points for a century.
  • -2 points for expulsion at 0 run (These rules are not applicable for bowlers)

Bowling Points

There are more than five methods to score points in bowling. Bowling points might be vital to your chances of winning. Take a peek beneath.

  • Each wicket is awarded 25 points; however, runouts are for nothing.
  • 12 points are awarded for maiden glory.
  • Taking four wickets in a single match adds eight points to your score.
  • Taking the wicket by LBW or Bowled results in an additional 8 points.
  • Taking three wickets will win you four additional points in a single match.
  • Five wickets in a single match are worth an additional 16 points.

Points for Good Strike Rate for Batsmen

The strike rate of the batter is also worth points in the dream11 IPL points system. However, if your selected batter has a low strike rate for the match, you might lose points. Strike rate points are not awarded to the bowling specialist on the squad.

  • If his Strike Rate ranges from 60 to 70, you will lose two points.
  • You miss the point if his Strike Rate is between 50 and 50.99.
  • If his Critical Rate is below 50, you miss the point.
  • If his Strike Ratio is between 130 and 150, you will receive two more points.
  • If his Strike Ratio is between 150.01 and 170, you will receive four additional points.
  • If his Strike Ratio is greater than 170, you will get an extra 6 points.

Points for good Economy Rates for Bowlers

The scoring system takes bowlers’ economy rates into account in the same manner as their strike rates. Bowlers with a strong economy receive more points, while bowlers with a weak economy lose points. Only once a bowler has completed at least two overs is his economy rate considered for Dream11 points.

  • If his economy ratio is between 10 and 11 runs per over, two points will be deducted from your score.
  • You lose a point if his economy ratio is between 11.01 and 12 runs per over.
  • You miss the point if his economy rate reaches 12 runs per over.
  • If the economy rate is below five runs per over, you will receive six points.
  • You receive four points if his economy rate is between 5 and 5.99 runs per over.
  • You will earn 2 points if his economy rate is between 6 and 7 runs per over.

Fielding Points

Fielding point is an excellent tactic for maximizing a team’s potential. The fielding performance of your squad gives you several points. Examine the area below.

  • Eight points for every catch
  • Triple catches in a single match are worth four more points.
  • 12 points for direct runouts and 6 points per throw.
  • 6 points are awarded for each catch, leading to a runout.

Other Points

Bonus points are an alternative term for this. Selecting an effective captain and vice-captain for your team will win you points. Also, the performance of your picked players in the match.

  • Double the points achieved by the captain of the Dream11 team during the match.
  • As vice-captain of the Dream11 squad, you will receive 1.5 times the points achieved in the match.
  • Each member of the starting lineup earns four points.

How to play Dream11?

To withdraw funds from your wallet into your bank account, you must create a Dream11 account and complete verification by entering your PAN card and bank account information.

The next stage is to create your Fantasy XI; therefore, you must grasp the regulations to get the most points.

How to participate in your first Dream11 Fantasy Cricket competition. It is really simple, to begin with. If you wish to play without paying, you may participate in practice matches.

Dream11 is a Game of Skill in which you form a squad of actual players for an upcoming match and fight for large rewards against other fans. Your team receives points based on the performance of your players in the actual match, so be careful to make the proper decisions!

Select A Match

Log into your Dream11 account and then choose a cricket match from the current or forthcoming competitions that are accessible.

When you create your Fantasy XI squad, you must remember that you must use your knowledge, expertise, and judgment to select the players you believe will play a crucial part in scoring points. Dream11 organizes games for a variety of sports.

Click on the match you wish to participate in and keep an eye on the match deadline. Every Dream11 cricket team should have 11 players, with a maximum of seven players from any one team participating in the actual match.

Your Dream11 lineup can contain a variety of player combinations but must adhere to the 100-credit limit and meet the following team selection criteria.

Create Your Teams

Now is the time to form your squad with a 100-credit budget! Choose a game and click the “Create Team” button in the lower-left corner.

You must select at least one wicket-keeper, three to five batters, one to three all-rounders, and three to five bowlers, with all players equaling 100 credits.

The many possible combinations are previously stated. You may select what you believe to be the optimal combination for a specific match.

Utilize your understanding of sports to select, within a 100-credit budget, the team you believe will score the most points in the given match.

Remember that you may create and join tournaments with up to 11 teams each game, so try various combinations to increase your chances of winning.

After selecting the squad, you must choose the Captain and Vice-Captain. The captain receives double the points he scored in the game. In addition, the vice-captain receives 1.5 times the points. You can play in a single game with up to five teams.

Dream 11 FAQ’s

How are points counted in Dream11?

The points in Dream11 are based on an actual match. If the player performs well, you will receive positive points; otherwise, you will receive bad points.

Are there any rules for rain?

The points scoring system is unaffected by a delay in the start time resulting from precipitation.

How do I transfer my Dream11 points into money?

You are selected for the reward based on your Dream11 points, which are redeemable for cash.

How do credits work?

Credits represent a player's cost. In general, in-form and star players are more expensive than inexperienced or irregular players.

How do Fantasy Points work?

Real-world players receive Fantasy Points based on their performance during a match. Players receive points, for instance, for scoring runs, taking wickets, etc. (cricket), scoring goals, providing assists, etc. (football), and similar activities in other sports. You may view the Fantasy Points System for each sport for further information.

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