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How does Cricket Betting Work?

Cricket betting

Cricket is one of the oldest games, with origins stretching back to the eighteenth century in England. If you are a lover of the sport and like to learn more about betting on it, we can assist you!

Whether you support India, Australia, or South Africa, we can teach you how to wager on cricket. This book aims to educate online cricket betting enthusiasts of all skill levels.

In this comprehensive introduction to betting on cricket, we will provide you with all the necessary information. Whether you’re new to betting on cricket or a seasoned pro, the following information will assist you in learning more.

We have compiled information on the best cricket betting sites, strategies, most popular cricket wagers, etc. Now, let’s get into it!

Cricket is India’s most popular and watched sport; it has become a global pastime that brings together and unifies people worldwide. With a prominent role for cricket in its culture and economy, India is home to the world’s greatest cricket players and most loyal supporters.

India’s stellar success at the world’s premier cricket competitions, notably the ICC world cup, is largely responsible for cricket’s rising popularity. Everyone recalls how India’s squad won the Cricket World Cup in 1983, 2011, and 2007 and the Twenty20 World Cup in 2007.

Few, however, are aware that India is renowned not only for its cricket players and wonderful outcomes but also for its loyal fans who enjoy and benefit from betting on cricket tournaments, players, and championships.

How to Bet and Win on Cricket?

As with all sports, cricket betting tips, success hinges on mastering the fundamentals: how to gamble on a cricket match. Knowledge of the sport, the players, and the tournament formats is crucial, but it will be much more difficult to bet on cricket and win if you are unfamiliar with the various online sports betting types.

Below, we outline the most popular forms of online gambling and the numerous ways to wager on a cricket match.

Match Winner

In cricket, like in other major sports, the most popular wager is a money line wager on the match-winner. Depending on the nature of the competition, some bookmakers allow bets on a draw.

In “double chance” cricket wagers, a popular soccer betting format, one can wager on a team to either win or draw.

Betting on the match-winner is easy for novice gamblers and casual cricket fans to wager on the sport and win.

Innings Runs

Betting on the runs scored in an inning is another common way many individuals wager on cricket matches. Fans can wager on the exact number of runs in an inning and OVER or UNDER a total number of predicted runs set by an online sportsbook.

There are only two innings in some cricket formats, including Twenty20, each team batting once. There are four or more innings in other variations, with teams battling.

First Ball/First Over Betting in Cricket

If gamblers wish to wager on a more immediate result, they can wager on the result of the first ball or first over of a cricket match.

Some online betting companies provide cricket betting odds for particular outcomes of the first ball (six, four, wicket, etc.); however, the majority provide an OVER/UNDER the run total for the first ball and first over.

Player and Group Total Cricket Wagers

Like betting on innings runs or first ball/first over results, fans can wager on the total number of runs scored by an individual player or a team during a match. Fans can gamble OVER or UNDER on the side and player totals established by the sportsbooks.

Books may also provide additional wagers on whether a player will reach a century (100 runs) or half-century (50 runs) for certain players. Some sportsbooks also offer wagers on the total runs scored by an opening duo.

Live Cricket Betting

Many sportsbooks now provide live betting, in which fans can gamble on a variety of the forms mentioned above throughout a game.

In addition to the ever-changing odds for traditional forms, live in-play cricket online betting tips can include unusual formats, such as the outcome of the next ball or the next over, and options for those seeking innovative methods to wager on cricket.

How to Win With Cricket Pro Betting

Cricket prop bets permit fans to speculate on in-game occurrences that do not affect the game’s final result and broaden cricket wagering.

Depending on the game or format, certain betting markets may offer hundreds of prop bets for any particular game; however, the following are the most popular cricket props for fans investigating how to bet and win on cricket.

Coin Toss

You may wager on which team will win the first coin toss of a cricket match, and some sportsbooks permit fans to speculate on whether heads or tails will prevail.

Top Batsman/Top Bowler

Fans who choose to wager on cricket stars as opposed to match outcomes or occurrences merely can utilize top batsman and top bowler props.

A top batsman wager can be placed on the individual player who will score the most runs or the team from which the leading run-scorer will come. A top bowler wager is placed on the bowler who will take the most wickets during a match.

Most Sixes

Like a top batter prop bet, spectators may wager on the player or team who will hit the most sixes during a match.

Cricket Events to Bet On

Like other major international sports, cricket features a variety of competitive forms and annual tournaments. Individuals seeking information on how to gamble on a cricket match must first determine the format and tournament they wish to wager.

Indian Premier League Twenty20 Cricket

The IPL comprises eight teams from Indian cities and states and comprises 14 games played annually between March and May.

The IPL is played in the Twenty20 format, with just two innings (one per team) of 20 overs each. Due to the compact structure, several individual props and team totals are significantly reduced compared to previous forms.

The IPL and its Australian counterpart, the Big Bash League, maybe the ideal leagues for novice cricket bettors due to their shorter game lengths and offensive-minded play styles.

One-Day International Matches

The One Day International cricket format, often known as ODI, is used for matches between the world’s top cricketing nations. Like T20, an ODI consists of two innings, with each team batting just once.

However, the ODI format allows over 20 overs, sometimes 50, and games may stretch over eight hours. It is the format utilized by the ICC World Cup for fans seeking information on how to wager on international cricket matches.

Test Cricket Matches

While T20 and ODI cricket are growing in popularity, seasoned cricket fans and bettors would be aware of test cricket, regarded as the purest version of the sport.

Test cricket, which dates back to the late 19th century, is a multi-day sport consisting of four innings and hundreds of overs. Both teams bat twice per match and bowl and field up to 90 overs per day, or until the batting team is bowled out.

Now that you understand how to gamble on cricket, you can wager on any cricket match or format.

Fortunately, it is one of the most popular sports globally, so you should have no trouble finding a profitable event to wager on.

Cricket Betting FAQ’s

How do I bet on cricket?

There are several different methods to wager on cricket. You may gamble on Match Winner, Innings Runs, First Ball/First Over, Player and Team Totals, Live Cricket Bets, Coin Toss, Top Batsman/Top Bowler, and Most Sixes, to mention a few while betting on cricket. These are the most common wagers in cricket.

How do you read the odds in cricket?

The favorite is denoted by a minus sign (-), and the underdog is denoted by a plus sign (+) in a money line wager, in which the winner of a match is selected. A $100 wager on a +170 dog would provide a $170 profit. At the same time, a $100 wager on a -200 favorite would result in a $50 profit.

What is the minimum bet for cricket?

Typically, the provider or gambling organization determines the minimum wager for cricket. Parimatch, an online cricket betting app, gives the lowest amount of money for the lowest minimum wager, 100 INR.


Betting on cricket is an excellent approach to increase your interest in one of your favorite sports. Take the time to ease into betting on cricket if you are new to the activity. You should begin by placing smaller wagers on any simpler wagers listed above.

As you progress and develop greater confidence, you may experiment with some more complicated wagers discussed above.

We hope that this tutorial has provided you with a deeper understanding of cricket betting. Thank you for reading, and best of luck with the rest of your cricket betting adventures!

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