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Biggest Cricket/Sports Betting Wins in History

Biggest cricket-sports betting wins in history

Despite a limited handful of countries dominating at the top of the game, cricket remains one of the most popular sports worldwide. Just a few countries compete at the top level in Test Match cricket, which is still widely regarded as the sport’s premier format.

The official Men’s Test Team Rankings list New Zealand, India, Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.

However, many of these are enormous nations with millions of cricket enthusiasts. Given this and the fact that internet betting has become a key component of many professional sports in recent years, what is the size of the worldwide cricket betting market?

You can find evaluations of the best and most recent online sports betting sites based on your country of residence. There are alternatives for the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and several other nations, and online cricket betting is prospering. In this article, we will list the biggest cricket betting wins in history.

The Indian Premier League is a prime example of some of the world’s most prominent cricket tournaments where betting plays a significant role.

The IPL is a large cricket event held in India involving the world’s greatest cricket players. Each stadium is full of contests, and there is an enormous global broadcast viewership.

Depending on whatever broadcaster you are using to watch the IPL, the match’s odds may be displayed on-screen during the match. Indian-based fantasy sports platform Dream 11 is one of the co-presenting sponsors of IPL 2021.

The website allows you to play fantasy sports for real money, making it a type of gambling that is highly popular during the IPL.

In 2016, the Hindustan Times reported that the illicit betting business in India was valued at $150 billion (Rs 9.9 lakh crore) annually, with over $200 million wagered on each ODI match.

The International Centre collected the data for Sports Security in Doha, Qatar, and solely relates to India and ODI matches. That makes you wonder what the numbers would be if you included nations where cricket betting is allowed, such as the United Kingdom.

The statistical aspect of cricket makes it attractive to gamblers since the sport lends itself well to wagering. It is possible to wager on the outcome of each delivery throughout a match, which is astounding and demonstrates the sports betting community’s appetite for cricket wagering.

The worldwide sports betting industry was valued at $85.047 billion in 2019 and will continue to expand, with cricket accounting for a sizable portion of wagering activity.

Cricket is considered one of the most important sports betting marketplaces, and anytime a new online sportsbook is introduced, you can count on cricket being one of the first sports offered.

When you consider sports betting, you may envision winning simply a few bucks, if not a few hundreds. Nonetheless, some players have had the extraordinary good fortune and made millions betting on their favorite teams.

The simplicity with which sports bettors may wager on their preferred teams has contributed to the rise of the biggest sports betting wins in history. Below are the largest wagering victories in American football, basketball, cricket, rugby, and horse racing history.

Anonymous – $14 million

One lucky bettor won $14 million by wagering on the 2017 World Series matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. The gambler let a sequence of bets ride for up to six games.

According to rumors, the punter was an Eastern European and less than 30 years old. In Las Vegas, he was wagering with a variety of bookmakers. After game six on November 1, 2017, he earned a monumental victory.

Billy Walters’s $3.5 million bet

Now, this is a unique case. During Super Bowl XLIV, Billy Walters, well-known for playing poker before entering into sports betting, placed a single wager worth a staggering $3.5 million.

This was the Super Bowl in which the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts engaged in a furious battle.

He put a winning wager on the underdog Saints, who defeated the Colts 31-17 and won their first Super Bowl. It is uncertain how much Walters won on the wager, but it was undoubtedly substantial.

Vegas Dave – $2.5 million

Vegas Dave’s $140,000 wager on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series yielded a massive payout of $2.5 million. This was his second consecutive victory one week into the 2015 baseball season.

Since casinos saw his stake as a liability, he was compelled to spread it among 15 other sportsbook casino sites, and it paid off.

Dave’s first victory was a staggering $200,000 on a $20,000 wager on Holly Holm to defeat Ronda Rousey. His true name is Dave Oancea, and he is a renowned Las Vegas gambler.

Steve Whiteley – £1.45 million

A 61-year-old heating engineer earned $1,825,274 with a $2 wager on a free horse racing ticket in 2011. His wager was successful when he matched six horses on the Exeter Tote Jackpot. One of the picked horses had lost its previous 28 races.

Mr. Bennett, Semicolon, Lupita, Lundy Sky, and Ammunition were included in his accumulator for horse races in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

James Adducci – $1.2 million

Adducci chose to wager an enormous $85,000 on Tiger Woods to win the 2019 golf tournament, a risky but profitable gamble. After Woods shattered the record and won his first major tournament in almost a decade, he won his futures wager.

Fred Craggs – £1 million 

A 60-year-old fertilizer salesman, Fred Craggs, saw his dreams come true when he won £1 million on a tiny stake of 50p ($62). He had placed an eight-fold accumulator betting on international horse races.

The man from Yorkshire, United Kingdom, discovered he had won a seven-figure sum when he returned to the same local bookmaker to place another wager. If he had selected a free wager, he would have won £1,400,000. However, £1 million is still a considerable sum of money.

Anonymous – £823,000 

A bettor from the UK county of Leicestershire won £823,000 ($1,035,585,000) on a £19 ($23) horse racing accumulator wager.

His relatively high stake and the high odds resulted in a substantial victory. In April 2017, he placed a wager on a 5-fold accumulator at a horse racing meet.

Mike Futter – £800,000 

Mike Futter’s huge £800,000 ($1,006,008 million) victory on his horse increased his popularity. In 2003, the Belfast-based gambler who owns eleven bingo rooms gambled on his horse, Monty’s Pass.

He received £348,000 (about $438,492) for being the horse’s owner and £400,000 (approximately $504,012) for his wager. Futter said, “I’ve had some wonderful bets and fantastic days, but I will never forget this one.”

Charles Barkley – $800,000

Charles Barkley, champion of basketball, is one of the most well-known personalities in sports betting. His best gain ever occurred when a wager of $500,000 returned an astounding $800,000.

A decent profit, right? In 2002, Barkley predicted that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl. The Patriots were a 14-point underdog toward the super-strong St. Louis Rams; thus, a Patriots victory seemed quite implausible.

Anonymous – £585,000

What would you do if a $1 wager netted you $735,783? An unidentified bettor from a remote town on the island of Malta could not believe his eyes when he won the jackpot on a 19-fold accumulator with odds of +68373800. The gambler’s forecasts were all accurate.

Liverpool’s game-winning goal guaranteed the six-figure prize in the last three minutes against Chelsea.

Phil Mickelson – $560,000

Phil Mickelson, a professional golfer, was certain that the Baltimore Ravens would win the Super Bowl well before the 2000 season. He intended to organize a betting syndicate that would risk $20,000 at odds of +2200. His wager was successful and returned him a total of $560,000.

Darren Yates – £550, 823 

You may already be acquainted with Darren Yates, another prominent figure in horse racing betting.

In September 1996, he put a winning wager of £62 ($78) on jockey Frankie Dettori to win all seven of his Magic Seven rides at Ascot. The momentous victory awarded Yates a staggering £550,822 ($693,296).

Mick Gibbs – £500,000 

Mick Gibbs is one of the fortunate winners of incredible odds. A roofer by trade, Gibbs won an enormous £500,000 (about $629,237) on a £0.30 (approximately $0.38) wager on a 15-leg accumulator with +166666600 odds.

All fourteen of his predictions were accurate, with the final match between Valencia and Bayern Munich resulting in penalties and earning him a considerable sum.

Cricket/Sports Betting FAQ’s

Can we make money from cricket betting?

To gain money from betting on cricket, you must find the sportsbook with the finest promotions. If you gamble on greater chances, you will win more money, and if the chances are low, you will win less money. By comparing the odds of each bookmaker, you may influence the outcome.

Can sports betting make you rich?

Sports betting is unlikely to make you wealthy unless you make it your full-time occupation and become one of the finest gamblers. It is vital to note that just a small fraction of sports bettors are merely profitable before becoming wealthy.

How do you predict a cricket match?

The most effective method for predicting winners is to develop your methods. Develop your prediction models with algorithms. This method aims to determine the likelihood of a result (be it for a team, individual, event, etc.). Then, compare it to the odds offered by the bookmaker to uncover value or lucrative wagers.

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