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Best Deposit Methods for cricket betting in India

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If you are interested in online betting in India, you will likely be curious about the available payment options. Surely, each operator gives a variety of payment methods to players who register and wager. Some of them sadly do not permit deposits or withdrawals in Indian rupees, whereas the majority do.

India users can utilize domestic and foreign betting deposit methods for online cricket betting. On Android and iOS devices, cricket betting applications also provide payment services.

Read on for a wealth of important information on betting site payment options, casino site payment options, etc. If you have trouble locating certain information on deposit methods on a betting site in India and withdrawing choices offered by online casinos in India, you will find it here.

What payment methods do Indian betting sites support?

Because you must adapt your search according to your demands, selecting the ideal bookmaker is different for each individual. Regardless, the opportunity to select the desired payment method is one of the most prevalent factors influencing a person’s decision to join a certain betting site.

Most internet operators commonly offer credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid cards. While searching for your chosen INR wagering payment options, you will hunt for whatever you currently use.

With so many banking options accessible, it might be difficult to determine which one to use on Indian online betting sites.

Traditional payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, remain popular and widely accepted. However, gamers who prefer alternatives like e-wallets and prepaid cards have many options.

However, many active gamblers would likely experiment with new strategies if favorable conditions were. Choose your desired depositing and withdrawal method with caution.

Don’t forget to check for fees, security levels, transaction speeds, and permitted payment methods for online betting in Indian Rupees.


One of the advantages of being an Indian gambler is access to special payment options like Paytm. PayTM is a digital payments platform that enables users to deposit funds into an integrated wallet via internet banking, credit cards, and debit cards?

Using the funds in your PayTM wallet, you may pay for various items without cash, including bookmaker deposits.

Indeed, only Indians have access to this excellent method of financing a betting account. Paytm is Indian-owned, Indian-designed, and Indian-developed. Several betting sites take Paytm, and nearly all UPI betting sites accept this payment option.

Paytm is fee-free, completely safe, and incredibly quick. This payment mechanism provides a straightforward Know Your Customer policy; has an ID available for UPI payments.

If you are interested in utilizing digital wallets, Paytm India may be one of your options for playing at Indian online sportsbooks and casinos. This payment mechanism is free, and filling this e-wallet is quick and straightforward; customers may fund their Paytm account using various methods.

It is possible to fund Paytm with cash, a practical option for certain gamblers. Locate their dealer and provide them with the desired quantity of cash. Using NetBanking to fund a Paytm account is also doable.

Paytm enables you to fund Paytm Betting sites and wager on your preferred sporting events. Paytm casinos and sportsbooks are, in other words, online betting and gaming platforms that accept Paytm.

Lastly, this e-wallet has no transfer fees, is accessible to everyone, offers rapid transactions, and is regarded as one of the most secure payment solutions.


Visa is technically the most popular payment method because it is accepted worldwide. It contains both credit and debit cards. It is the world’s largest network in terms of the transaction value.

It has operated for more than 60 years and attracts new clients, including Indian customers.

Visa is regarded as the most accessible card issuer worldwide and in India. Numerous operators and players like Visa betting sites due to their security and reliability.

In other words, a Visa casino card would likely be the best option for online deposits if you own one. Depending on the bank where the Visa card was issued, this approach may have minor drawbacks. Specifically, certain banks tend to reject gambling and gaming transactions.

The benefit of holding and using a Visa card is that it may be used to fund a third-party e-wallet, which can then be used to pay. Moreover, most sportsbook operators offer visas as a means of payment.

Visa card India enables quick processing, allowing consumers to place wagers without delay. In addition, there are no additional costs, and this approach is rather secure.


In addition to Visa, MasterCard India is another extensively used deposit method in this world region. These two methods are pretty similar, and the cards can be either debit cards or credit cards.

Again, most local online sportsbook firms are MasterCard Betting sites, allowing players to rapidly and conveniently deposit funds.

Similar to Visa, the processing time for all MasterCard casino transactions are immediate. There will be no additional fees associated with your transaction; therefore, there is no need to anticipate any. MasterCard is accepted by nearly every Indian online casino and sportsbook.

Like the Visa card stated above, some purchases made on betting sites with your MasterCard may be refused. It may result from your bank’s policy, and the safest approach to confirm this is to call your bank and inquire about the optimal option.

The card delivers secure deposits and utilizes the account holder authentication value tokens, Secure Socket Layer, and 3-D secure solution (SSL).


UPI and IMPS are two real-time, 24-hour-a-day payment systems. Local India bank transfers on UPI and IMPS betting platforms are quite handy for Indian gamers.

The UPI online bank’s transaction processing speed is instantaneous, which facilitates gaming. One needs to activate a UPI account with a bank that supports UPI to utilize it.

It has become increasingly common for online casinos and sportsbooks to accept bank wire transfers for money transactions in recent years. And with good cause.

Today, bettors may make payments and withdrawals instantaneously through IMPS. One must have an account number and the IFSC code unique to the betting site in question for IMPS money transfers.

UPI and IMPS are two of the most secure casino payment options, so they are so common in this sector. In addition to its low fees and quick money transfers, this payment method also has low transaction costs.

Google Pay

What if you enjoy using your debit card but are tired of card and account numbers for too long? Google Pay eliminates the need to carry a credit card.

Google Pay enables Android mobile device users to convert their actual debit cards into digital ones. Indian gamblers may make one-click payments at various Indian and international bookmakers using Google Pay.

Google Pay is free to use, and you can submit your debit card in seconds – either quickly fill in your card data or use the Google Pay app to take a photo of your card.

There are several cutting-edge security protections as a Google product, and Google will never share your transaction history with other parties.

Google Pay does not permit withdrawals at this time, so you will likely need to use a debit card or one of the other fantastic betting payment options on our list.


AstroPay is an additional payment option offered to Indian players. This digital prepaid card is available for purchase on their website. AstroPay is accepted by many online casinos, which is one of the primary reasons players prefer to use it.

This user-friendly deposit option allows you to finance your player’s account with Google Pay, Freecharge, JioMoney, Airtel, or PhonePe.

Another good aspect of AstroPay India is that it enables customers to make immediate payments. Moreover, bettors will be able to make transactions at no cost utilizing AstroPay casino.

This digital prepaid card is useful for online sportsbooks and casinos since it is quick and, most importantly, secure. Since this payment option has become so popular in India, many gaming platforms offer AstroPay Betting.


Residents of India who wager and play at online casinos can deposit and withdraw monies using Netteler India. It is a leading e-wallet in the region and is owned by the same business as Skrill but under a different brand name.

First, you will need a Netteler account that you can fill, and then you may use those funds to play with your preferred Netteler-accepting operator.

Like Skrill, this e-wallet imposes a charge for withdrawals and cricket betting deposits. On the plus side, Netteler accepts Visa and UPI for payment.

On all Neteller Betting sites, you will be able to fund your betting account or withdraw winnings using Neteller. Regardless, Nettler is one of India’s most popular deposit methods for online gambling and casinos.


PhonePe, which is available in 10 Indian languages and is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India, is one of the most popular best deposit methods for cricket betting. PhonePe has experienced substantial development over the last year and is now widely recognized by Indian bookmakers.

The option to make UPI payments is an outstanding feature of PhonePe since it expands the number of bookmakers that accept this payment method.

PhonePe, like many other betting payment options, is free and easy to use. A simple one-time PIN may be used to authenticate transactions, and there are no deposit fees for consumers.

You may fund your PhonePe account with UPI, your bank account, an e-wallet, or a Visa or Mastercard card. Naturally, all transactions are processed in Indian rupees, and this service continues to improve!

Net Banking

It is more convenient for many gamblers to use a bank account for all transactions. Net Banking is the option if you don’t have serious privacy issues, don’t want more apps, and want all your funds in one spot.

It is one of the quickest and easiest betting payment options available to Indian gamblers. Net Banking sometimes referred to as Bank Transfer, is one of the Indian-only betting payment options.

This bookmaker deposit option is free and quick, as deposits are often instantaneous, and local banks have no usage restrictions.

You should have no trouble signing up for Net Banking, as most big banks, such as HDFC, Axis, and ICIC Bank, provide it. We discovered more than 150 banks in India that offer Net Banking.

The payment procedure is straightforward and takes only your information and a unique code. Net Banking is the most convenient mode of payment and one of the most dependable betting payment solutions in India.


If they choose this way, bettors who want to use cryptocurrencies may stay anonymous. Naturally, not all online casinos and sportsbooks accept cryptocurrencies, as they are a relatively new payment method.

However, several businesses accept other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin India, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple are a few of the most generally accepted currencies.

Buying a cryptocurrency is a separate procedure, and if you have any and wish to spend it on betting sites, you must ensure that they accept your coin. Most Bitcoin betting companies that accept Bitcoin deposits also accept other cryptocurrencies.

In terms of processing speed, utilizing cryptography is incredibly efficient. In addition, most cryptocurrencies have very cheap transaction fees and no maximum deposit restriction.

In addition to allowing the player to remain anonymous, utilizing cryptocurrencies to gamble is a safe and trustworthy payment method.

Deposit Money To Cricket Betting Sites

After reviewing these payment options and deciding which one you wish to use, the next step would be to cricket betting deposit methods sites. But how do we accomplish this? Don’t worry; the procedure is simple and will take a couple of minutes. All that is required is:

  • Create a profile: Create an account by entering your chosen username and password and the requested information on the page.
  • Make a deposit: You must deposit funds now that you have an account. Click the website’s “Deposit” button.
  • Choose the mode of payment: After clicking the “Deposit” button, you must select your preferred payment method. Choose the payment option that most appeals to you from those offered by various sites.
  • Verify the deposit: Input the desired deposit amount and confirm it.

Deposit Methods for cricket betting in India FAQ’s

Are Indian Rupees accepted?

While certain deposit methods may not accept rupees, most of the ways we've presented to you today do. Don't worry about currency conversion while utilizing any of the solutions we provided today.

Is it legal to deposit money on a cricket betting site?

There is no legislation barring adults from making deposits to online gambling sites. Bets placed with reputable Indian operators are as secure as they can be. Since all betting sites in India are located offshore, there is no single instance of a player encountering legal issues due to online gaming.

After depositing money on a cricket betting site, will I get a welcome bonus?

Yes. You'll receive a welcome bonus if you create an account and deposit at our recommended betting sites or casinos.

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