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Betting on cricket is like understanding to play a sport: until you hit the ball for the first time, you believe you know nothing. However, seasoned gamblers are aware that they need a solid plan to earn a profit from their wagers. This is even more true about cricket.

Let’s examine the many betting techniques for cricket, how they operate, and how any bettor may utilize them to transform excitement into profit.

How Do Betting Strategies Cricket Work?

Cricket is an entertaining sport that offers a variety of wagers that may be readily incorporated into a single cricket live betting strategy. For instance, straight bets, player side gambles, team side wagers, in-play bets, and many others may fit into a system brilliantly.

Multiple bets are placed on a single “ticket” while employing cricket betting tactics. For instance, you may utilize your strategy to split your wager across many individuals or teams to increase your chances of winning. Matches or lay wagers on each bet on the list may be wagered using cricket betting tactics.

Additionally, you may gamble on players such as the best bowler or batter, the best players, etc. Therefore, the ideal method to begin betting on cricket is by employing one of the two primary betting strategies: mathematical or game-related.

Strategies Based on Mathematical Analysis

The mathematical tactics are the most widely acknowledged by cricket wagering enthusiasts.

They rely on picking the correct odds and forming various combinations. The Ladder System, the Martingale Strategy, and Flat Betting are among the most common mathematical cricket betting systems.

Instead of quantitative algorithms, there are game-specific cricket betting tactics. These rely on your knowledge and expertise to anticipate future outcomes by analyzing the patterns and characteristics of the event or game in question.

For example, if you are a skilled game strategist, you may attempt to profit from underperforming championships by targeting exaggerated odds.

Before deciding on a betting strategy, you must understand the odds, betting lines, and combinations. You will need to pick up your wagers with care and calculate your deposit amount.

Best Online Cricket Betting Strategy

1 Dogon Betting

The first method on our list is a mathematical one: the Dogon Betting Strategy. This strategy is the most prevalent among novices in the cricket betting world.

The Dogon Betting Strategy is a ‘rates’ method focused on raising the size of bets to compensate for all prior losses. According to this strategy, the stakes should grow with each loss.

This procedure is repeated until all previous wagers are recovered in addition to the predetermined payments.

It is a very easy mathematical method that can be profitable in the near term, but if used too frequently can lead to bankruptcy. This mechanism is related to the distribution of your funds; thus, you must exercise caution.

Here’s one example: You have put a $100 wager on a certain cricket match, and you lose. The following time you wager $200, you lose them again. The third time, though, you wager $400, intending to recoup all past losses and turn a profit.

For this to be achievable, the outcome you select must have odds greater than 2.50 or 5/4 to recoup all of your losses from the previous two wagers and still generate the anticipated gains.

2 Flat Betting

Another common cricket betting strategy is flat betting. It is also mathematically based and indicates that you will utilize “flat bets” or that your wagers will be identical in quantity or percentage.

Bettors on cricket typically employ this method by setting a portion of their bankroll for each wager. There are several profitable flat betting tactics for cricket matches:

The Static flat bets represent 1-2 percent of your bankroll; the Academic flat bets represent 3-5 percent; the Aggressive flat bets represent 6-10 percent, and the Chaotic flat bets represent 10 percent or higher.

Most cricket gamblers consider the academic flat bets the fairest since you may put 3 percent wagers on games or outcomes with more risks and 5 percent wagers on those that are more evident.

Thus, you will earn reasonable earnings while drastically reducing the danger of losing your entire investment.

Consider another example of cricket flat betting: supposing you have $1,000 in your account and a 30 percent betting strategy. It indicates that you will wager $300 on either your team or player. If you lose, your bankroll will be lowered to 700 dollars, reducing the size of your next wager to 210 dollars.

3 “Bank Percentage” Strategy

It is possibly the most attractive cricket betting method for novice and inexperienced gamers. The ‘Percentage of Bank’ Strategy is another bankroll-centric technique that can limit losses caused by unpredictably placed cricket wagers.

This cricket betting strategy operates similarly to the others and necessitates a predetermined wager percentage of the initial deposit. For instance, you can deposit $1,500 at a certain online casino and select that each wager equals 7% of the initial deposit.

Here is how a ‘Percentage of Bank’ strategy would be implemented in a match between England and India:

Your cash balance is $1,000. If your first wager is $50 on India to win with odds of 2.0, and India miraculously prevails, your bankroll will increase to $1,050. Your second wager will again be 5 percent, but it will be $52,5 this time.

If you manage to win this one as well, your bankroll will increase to $1,102.50, and your third wager will be 5 percent of your bankroll, but this time it will be $55.12. However, if you lose your second wager, your bankroll will be reduced to $997.5, and your third wager will be $49.

It is the guiding premise of the ‘Percentage of Bank’ strategy. You may utilize cricket on runs scored, wickets taken, odd/even runs, batter or bowler match wagers, top batsman or bowlers team, etc.

4 Martingale Strategy

It is a mathematical variant of the Dogon betting system. The Martingale technique for betting on cricket involves raising your wager each time you lose. When cricket bettors want to minimize the amount of money lost during a losing run, the Martingale system is sometimes their only option.

If you lose your wager, you should double the amount of your next wager. However, the subsequent wager should be the same if you win the wager.

Choose cricket matches with odds greater than 2.0 because you’ve doubled your bet and require double the wins.

5 D’Alembert Betting System

The sole difference between the D’Alembert and Martingale betting systems is the amount of each subsequent wager.

T20 cricket betting strategy Matches between New Zealand and Australia will serve as our model. You have selected to wager $5 on New Zealand to win. Therefore, this is your initial wager, and if Australia loses the match, your second wager will rise by one unit or $5.

Your second wager will be $10, but if you lose again, the value of your third wager will increase by an additional $5 to $15. Suppose luck is on your side this time, and Australia wins. To win using the D’Alembert betting system, you must reduce your wagers by one unit. Thus, your fourth wager will again be $10.

If you wish to make up for prior losses, it is recommended that you select cricket matches and outcomes with odds of 3.0 or higher. These wagers are riskier than those with odds of 2.0, but they guarantee that you will not remain at zero after a losing run.

6 Counter-D’Alembert Strategy

The Counter-D’Alembert approach, also known as the Reverse D’Alembert System, is straightforward to comprehend.

You will boost your next wager with each successful wager by one unit. This system would seem as follows:

The first wager is $20 with 2.0 odds, the second wager is $? with 3.0 odds, the third wager is $? with 2.7 odds, and the fourth wager is $? with 2.0 odds.

If you have a $1,000 bankroll and win the 1st bet, your gains will be $20, and your next wager will rise by one unit ($20) to $40. However, if you lose the second wager, your third wager will also be $20.

7 Oscar’s Grind Strategy

The Oscar’s Grind system is a version of the Martingale method with modest modifications to the bet handling. With this cricket betting method, you will not be required to increase your stakes after each loss.

In contrast, the amount will rise with each successful wager, and experts recommend an initial wager of 1/12 of your cricket betting bankroll.

To play Oscar’s Grind successfully, you must additionally wager on outcomes with coefficients more than 2.0 or odds greater than 2/1. With each successive win, you will double your wager.

8 The Kelly Criterion

This approach for betting on cricket is a mathematical system that is highly effective at doubling your winnings. The Kelly Criterion will cause you to consider how much money you should wager and which wagers this technique may apply.

9 The Miller System

To develop your own Miller System, you must combine cricket odds greater than 1.9 or 2/1. Miller suggests that gamblers should also try wagering 1 percent of their bankrolls.

Miller thinks that wagers comprising 2% or 3% of your betting bankroll are hazardous and unproductive. However, bookmakers often provide odds between 1.85 and 1.95 when this approach is utilized.

A further criterion of this cricket betting method is that the wagers must remain unchanged until a 25 percent profit is achieved. If your bankroll is $1,000, you must first grow it to $1,250 before increasing your wagers.

10 The Ladder System

The Ladder approach is an additional mathematical strategy in which the real money gained is placed on the subsequent wager. This is one of the simplest techniques utilized by novice and expert cricket bettors.

When using the Ladder System, your ticket must be divided into loops. The Ladder System favors pairings with lower coefficients but greater probabilities.

11 Danish Betting System

You do not need to be Danish to employ this approach; you need to raise your wagers and coefficient each time you lose. The Danish Betting System for cricket spread betting strategy is a progressive cricket betting system in which you must raise your wager by one unit for each loss and best odds for 0.5 that are greater than the previous wager.

This technique is frequently criticized since if you settle on a losing run, the odds will significantly increase, and you will lose too much money. The games with the highest coefficients have a reduced likelihood of occurring; hence, you will lose.

12 The Method of Tank Attack

The Tank assault is yet another approach to wagering on cricket games by dividing your bankroll into several tanks and putting separate wagers on each tank.

Multi-betting is a terrific technique to spread out your bankroll’s risk and put many wagers. This approach for betting on cricket involves writing several tickets that support each other.

Therefore, any losses in one tank will be offset by winning wagers in the other tanks.

The Method of Tank Attack is a tactic involving many tanks; the average number is five. Theoretically, the method will yield a profit if two or three of the ‘streams’ are successful.

13 The +60% Strategy

The +60% Strategy is a second quantitative cricket betting system that aims to prevent a losing run of five bets. You will increase your next wager with every winning gamble by sixty percent.

It is not suggested to employ the +60% Strategy with parallel bets since the potential losses are high.

Your wagers will begin at 1 percent and climb steadily. Your wagers must be accompanied by odds greater than 1.7, or approximately 2/1 in fractional form.

14 Correct Score Betting

It is the most straightforward and profitable cricket betting technique. The correct score betting strategy needs you to anticipate the results of a certain cricket match accurately.

Like any other sport, cricket matches have favored and underdog teams. This allows you to wager on various outcomes, including the number of innings and runs, over/under wagers, player props, series scores, etc.

15 The Monty Hall Paradox Betting Strategy

Imagine that you wish to put wagers on the Indian Premier League playoffs. You chose Royal Challengers as your favorite among the remaining three teams, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers, and Chennai Super Kings.

Nonetheless, each side has almost the same probability of winning, with odds ranging from 1.30 to 1.33, or 33 percent winning possibilities.

Cricket Betting Strategy FAQ’s

Using cricket betting tactics, is it feasible to earn money?

Yes, it is feasible to make money with a cricket betting strategy, as all strategies aim to assist you in winning. However, various systems generate profits in different ways.

For instance, the +60 percent method tries to expand your bankroll every month; however, with accurate score wagering, you might earn substantial earnings immediately.

Do I need to be a cricket expert to wager on cricket?

You do not need to be a cricket expert to gain money betting on cricket. Familiarize yourself with the game, the favorites, underdogs, the top bowlers, the best hitters, leagues, series, etc.

Comparable to bets on other sports, sportsbooks provide cricket wagers. In the betting offerings of your local or online sportsbooks, it is simple to identify the various cricket matches and their coefficients. You only need to perform analysis, make a forecast, and implement the optimal cricket betting strategy

What is the best method for betting?

To win cricket wagers, you might utilize the tactics in our top-ranked list. If you adhere to the terms and circumstances outlined above, any cricket betting strategy may be profitable.

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