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Asia Cup 2023 Schedule

Asia Cup 2023 Schedule

Cricket enthusiasts, immerse yourselves in the thrill and excitement of the much-awaited Asia Cup 2023. Cricket fans are gearing up to witness an intense battle between six dynamic teams, with the official Asia Cup schedule now out in the open. 

Let’s dive into the details of this riveting tournament that promises to be a cricketing extravaganza.

Asia Cup 2023 Format

The Asia Cup 2023 is set to unfold in the revered 50-over format, paving the way for a tantalizing preview ahead of the impending World Cup later this year. After navigating through a series of discussions and revisions, the finalized Asia Cup schedule 2023 has been unveiled, offering fans a clear roadmap of the cricketing action ahead.

The long-awaited unveiling of the Asia Cup 2023 schedule took place in the preceding month, spearheaded by Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary, and head of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). 

Timings for the matches were officially declared this Tuesday. Notably, this edition employs a hybrid model, marking a departure from last year’s announcement that India would abstain from traveling to Pakistan for the tournament.

The tournament’s commencement is set to ignite with a captivating showdown between Pakistan and Nepal in Multan, Pakistan, on August 30. Anticipation surges as the highly awaited India-Pakistan clash graces Kandy, Sri Lanka, on September 2. 

India is poised to engage Nepal in another group-stage encounter on September 4 at the same venue. While Pakistan takes the helm for three group stage matches and one Super Four stage match, the remainder of the tournament unfolds in Sri Lanka. The pinnacle event, the final, is slated for September 17 in Colombo.

Embracing a group-based format, the 2023 edition introduces two groups, wherein the top two contenders from each group advance to the riveting Super Four stage. 

During this stage, all participating teams are set to cross paths once. As the dust settles, the paramount clash will feature the top two contenders from the Super Four stage locking horns in the ultimate face-off.

Intriguingly, there lies the potential for India and Pakistan to cross swords thrice in the Asia Cup, provided outcomes align accordingly. This scenario hinges on both teams progressing to the Super Four stage and ultimately securing the lead within that stage—thus culminating in a climactic showdown in the final.

An impressive roster of cricketing nations, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal, will participate in this continental spectacle. As the stage is set for exhilarating rivalries and defining moments, the cricketing world eagerly anticipates the unfolding drama of the Asia Cup match schedule!

Asia Cup 2023 Group Stage

Intrigue and anticipation surround the group stage as the six competing teams are divided into two groups, each comprising three squads. Group A sees cricket powerhouses Pakistan, India, and Nepal locking horns, while Group B witnesses the battle between Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. 

The top two contenders from each group will rise above the rest and advance to the Super Fours stage, setting the stage for nail-biting encounters.

Super Fours

The Super Fours stage brings the heat as the cream of the crop competes for supremacy. The top teams from the group stage enter this phase, clashing in high-stakes matches. The intensity peaks as these formidable teams vie for the coveted spots in the tournament’s grand finale.

The Grand Finale

All roads lead to the climactic finale, where the two best-performing teams from the Super Fours face off in a battle of skill, strategy, and nerves of steel. 

The stakes couldn’t be higher as the cricketing world watches, anticipating which team will etch its name in history as the Asia Cup 2023 champion.

Asia Cup 2023 Venues

The tournament takes cricket enthusiasts on a journey across two cricket-loving nations—Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The action kicks off a day earlier than planned, with Pakistan hosting the initial matches in Multan and Lahore. Sri Lanka then takes over the reins, hosting nine thrilling encounters in Kandy and Colombo.

Asia Cup 2023 Key Matchups

The epic showdown between arch-rivals India and Pakistan is one matchup on every cricket fan’s radar. The group stage encounter between these two game giants is scheduled to unfold in Kandy on September 2, igniting the cricketing world with its high-stakes intensity. 

If both teams secure their spots in the Super Fours, brace yourselves for a rematch on September 10.

Asia Cup 2023 Full Schedule

Let’s take a closer look at the full schedule of the Asia Cup 2023, complete with match details:

  • August 30: Pakistan vs. Nepal, Multan, Pakistan, 2:30 pm
  • August 31: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 2: Pakistan vs India, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 3: Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, Lahore, Pakistan, 2:30 pm
  • September 4: India vs Nepal, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 5: Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Lahore, Pakistan, 2:30 pm
  • September 6: Pakistan Vs Bangladesh, Lahore, Pakistan, 2:30 pm
  • September 9: Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 10: India Vs Pakistan, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 12: India Vs Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 14: Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 15: India Vs Bangladesh, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3 pm
  • September 17: India Vs Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3 pm

Asia Cup 2023 Group Designations

Let’s delve into the intriguing group designations as the teams vie for glory. Pakistan and India are poised to lead Group A, holding the positions of A1 and A2, respectively. However, should Nepal surge ahead, it could seize either A1 or A2. 

In Group B, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh take the helm as B1 and B2, while Afghanistan could enter the spotlight if they successfully navigate the initial round.


With the Asia Cup 2023 schedule now etched in stone, the countdown to this enthralling cricketing extravaganza has officially begun. Brace yourselves for unforgettable clashes, nail-biting encounters, and moments that will be etched in cricketing history. 

As we eagerly await the kickoff, let’s gear up to witness cricketing prowess and camaraderie on full display. Mark your calendars, rally behind your favorite teams, and prepare to be a part of the Asia Cup 2023 magic!


When and where will the Asia Cup 2023 take place?

The Asia Cup 2023 is scheduled to commence on August 30. The matches will be held in both Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

How are the teams divided in the tournament?

The six participating teams are divided into two groups. Group A consists of Pakistan, India, and Nepal. Group B features Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

What is the structure of the tournament?

The teams will compete in a group stage, followed by the Super Fours stage, where the top teams from each group will battle it out. The top two teams from the Super Fours will then face off in the final.

What are the key matchups to watch out for?

One of the most anticipated matchups is the India-Pakistan clash during the group stage, set to unfold in Kandy on September 2. If both teams make it to the Super Fours, they will meet again on September 10.

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